421748_116652208458696_1797650313_nWe know who you are.


Also known as SS99, the SpySociety99 is the brainchild of vocalist/songwriter, Myke Hideous. Formerly the frontman of both THE EMPIRE HIDEOUS and THE MISFITS. Myke assembled a legion of secret agent musicians for SS99 in September 1998.

Guided by the influences of big band, swing, lounge, punk rock, death rock and psychobilly music, SS99’s sound is a combination of them all. The Society’s concept is a reflection of today’s governmental structure backfiring and turning against us, emitting a musical onslaught of heaving upbeat tempos with twisted lyrics of serial killer dreams and desires. All of this smashed together in a neat-o, head boppin’, foot stompin’, rush of adrenaline package…well dressed with a license to kill.

The SpySociety is no longer a concept of the future. It’s here, now. Get with it…or take cover…daddy-o!

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